the story behind WHISE (our longest standing project)

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Building a complex but robust solution, able to integrate intuitive management tools within reach for over 600 real estate companies – sounds like a successful project, right?

And so it is!

Still, this was only the beginning of “dedicated team”-based project development.

If you already read our previous blog stories (the article about VMS 365 project or the one about Tourpaq ApS) you may notice that it’s in our DNA to be engaged in long-runs. And, also, that we have all it’s needed to give full support not only for maintenance and optimizations but also for further developments.

This is also the case for WHISE project.

Our first meeting with Jean (owner, WHISE) on developing a Customer Relationship Management software was almost 17 years ago (our longest standing partnership). At that time, WHISE was only an idea.

Since then, many things have changed (on the market, on the solution, etc.), but one thing has remained intact: our partnership’s stability.

(Once involved in a dedicated team project, we perceive the relationship with the client more as a partnership than a classic client-provider one. And we strongly believe that this outsourcing model could not last too long otherwise.)

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WHISE’s first steps (#Build)

In 2004, Jean Waucquez (representing a leading software company from Belgium that is focused on the real estate market) met for the first time with our team. His initial request was as clear as complex: to build a Customer Relationship Management software for the real estate sector, able to integrate a complex database, workflow systems, and specific features.

One of the main advantages of starting this project was our team’s ability to understand customer requirements and translate them into technical solutions quickly.

And, speaking of the team: for developing this solution, the client requested a complete project team, including backend developers, front-end developers, designers, and a UX specialist.


Project Manager





ux designer

UX Designer

 hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

“Roweb proved to be a great partner to work with, providing us with a highly responsive team.”

hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv

Market expansion has required more flexibility

Users’ behavior changed fast – multiplatform experiences becoming a must-have for the real estate industry. At the same time, Jean decided that was the time to access other markets outside of Belgium (e.g., Romania).

For achieving this, he chose to replace a desktop solution for real estate companies with a web-based and mobile-first solution while migrating all of the data.

Even if this objective fits in only one sentence, making it happen involved a strategic plan plus a staged implementation. So, let’s take a pick at every stage level to see what our client needed and how Roweb’s dedicated team responded.


Stage 2: #Analyze

Matching needs with expectations and tech requirements:

Not always what you want to implement can be translated into practice. So, the very first thing we had to do was to match needs with expectations and tech requirements. And we couldn’t do this right without analyzing in-depth how we stand.

So, here we are all together (our client + our team) discussing workflows, doing the necessary planning, identifying ways to improve processes, migrate data and add useful features.

Challenges are not lacking in this phase either.

(for instance, we had to migrate approximately 600 Belgian real estate companies in their existing user database into the new application)

But our team already has experience finding solutions and adapting fast to new contexts.

So, no disruptions are expected. 🙂

 hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

“Because of the project’s complexity, new requirements came up quite often, and they always managed to find and implement the adequate solution on time.”

hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv

Making the leap from planning to developing

Transforming the existing desktop solution into a multi-devices one and adding new features was as complex as challenging. One, Jean brought on the table his expectations, we knew that we have to keep our focus on re-building a solution able to provide:

  • complete mobility – access to WHISE CRM on Android and iOS;
  • connectivity – dynamic connection between WHISE CRM and the agency’s website;
  • responsiveness and optimizations – option to have a mobile-responsive and SEO-optimised website developed by our team;
  • visibility – increased online visibility leading to more successful transactions;
  • dedicated tools for enabling exclusive representation;
  • constant access (to notifications, emails, planning tool and follow-ups).


Stage 3: #Optimize

Optimizing the existing desktop solution was our first development step.

Our team’s key-point focused on making the switch from a desktop-only to a web-based solution, accessible from any device (including Android and iOS mobile devices) and able to provide end-users complete with full control over their work on the go.

The main requirement we’ve followed over the process: adapting and optimizing the app for any Android or iOS mobile device, able to allow real-time notifications for keeping agents up-to-date constantly.


Stage 4: #Adapt-Extend

Keeping the client close to the project was one of our key-approaches. For adapting the features and functionalities (and also for developing new ones), we created wireframes and discussed them with the client before continuing the design and implementation.

hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

For development, main modules we’ve taken into account to create:

  • a real estate list module (that enables real estate agencies to manage all of the properties in their portfolio);
  • an email module (to record and update the customer information in the WHISE CRM database with any change);
  • a BI (Business Intelligence) dashboard.

Read more about these modules development in WHISE case study


Helping the client providing a complete experience

For the end-users, it’s essential to have access to a complete experience on the platform and beyond it. And the brand identity is part of this journey.

By developing over 1000 digital projects in our past 17 years, we’ve identified several ways to efficiently improve brand awareness and the brand’s online visibility.

hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

A key-tool for keeping the brand consistent is creating a style guide for content development.

This was also the case for WHISE.

We created a style guide for our client, to help him build a cohesive brand identity across all channels, from their CRM application and presentation website to brochures and other presentation materials.

 hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

“I found it very easy to communicate with them, and they were very flexible in meeting our requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for complex enterprise development projects.”

hiring a dedicated team WHISE project

Jean Waucquez

Owner, WHISE nv

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