How hiring a dedicated team impacted Tourpaq’s project development (the story behind the project)

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Behind every successful technical project stand people with solving-problems mindsets, ready to make a difference through their work and turn challenges into possibilities.

Behind each long-standing project stand dedicated development teams that have consolidated and increased their performance with each passing year.

Crossing the corridors of Roweb it is impossible not to intersect with the people from these teams. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic year, they chose to come to the office as often as possible to be closer to the clients and not deprive them of the quality of the deliveries they were used to.

Some of them are working on the same project for over 10 years – and they are still counting. “How is it to work on the same project for such a long time?” (I’ve dared to ask the other day one of my colleagues).

“Kind of addictive,” he answered amusedly. “Once in a project, you want to be part of it as long as possible. I was there when we’ve first created the solution’s architecture and when we’ve explained to the client for the first time what the final solution will look like and what it will do. I connected slowly but surely to this project. I’m part of its story. I got used to working for this client and I know his needs, and expectations so well. Communication has become better over time. And yet the challenges continue to exist with each new development – and that keeps me connected and in continuous professional development. ”

A sneak peek at Tourpaq‘s projects backstage: how he became our client and what the project looks like today

One of our long-lasting clients is Tourpaq ApS, a Danish company that provides software solutions for tour operators.


Before starting to work with us, we had several meetings that created the right context for both sides to present their approaches. Being able to understand fast their specific problems and coming with practical solutions for each issue convinced the client that we are the right fit for his company.

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

“Since the beginning of our collaboration, we’ve entrusted Roweb with all project management responsibilities, leaving it to them to put into practice our ideas and input, which has enabled us to focus on selling the product and therefore achieve a huge competitive head start.”

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

Bjarke Hansen CEO

Owner TourPaq ApS

Their requirements came from a practical perspective. Our tasks were to provide them with consultancy in mapping out the exact specifications for the project, based on their concrete needs, to identify the best solutions, to address them, and implement these solutions.


Shortly after we agreed to collaborate on a dedicated team model (with which the client was already accustomed), we created and proposed the team architecture:


hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project



The project came from the beginning with a series of challenges. The biggest one was the complexity behind this type of booking system (it needed to enable the efficient management of bookings, tickets, emails, finances, hotels, transportation, extra products, pricelists, etc.).

On the other hand, we were aware that every new development must be done with the future in mind to provide a flexible solution, able to adapt fast to new contexts and demands.

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

“The travel industry is in constant development, which requires us to understand emerging needs for changes and puts great demands on the development team. Roweb has always managed to be up to the challenge and stay ahead with new technologies we could use. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a professional partner, which not only delivers what´s agreed upon but also has the future in mind when developing new things.”

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

Bjarke Hansen CEO

Owner TourPaq ApS


The solution is made up of several components, which enable the tour operators to manage all of their departments and fully automate processes.

The application leverages a Layered Architecture that provides loose coupling between layers and high reusability by using agile design principles and patterns. We developed the application using some of the latest and powerful available technologies: ASP.NET AJAX, Knockout, jQuery, Web API, WCF, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, and Telerik Rad Controls.

Our flexibility and agile development methodology played from the beginning a crucial part in the success of our collaboration.

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

“Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality.”

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

Bjarke Hansen CEO

Owner TourPaq ApS


Our collaboration with Tourpaq ApS went beyond the initial project. Once the client was able to see the impact of using a high-performance digital platform, he wanted to develop complementary digital projects.

These projects consist of two apps targeting one audience in two different situations (when planning a vacation and when he is on vacation):

  • Tourpaq Destination App – a solution for guides and tourists alike to book and manage different trips.
  • Tourpaq Guest App – an app that offers real-time visitor information, details, updates, linked to the booking, and ideas to inspire tourists to enjoy their holiday fully.
 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project


Although it’s been an impressive number of years since we started collaborating, things don’t seem to stop here. And that’s because we’ve kept a clear focus on creating a WIN-WIN situation and growing our relationship with the client.

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

“Roweb continues to be our partner, maintaining communication with TourPaq users, taking care of daily corrections, and planning the development directly with them.”

 hiring a dedicated team Tourpaq project

Bjarke Hansen CEO

Owner TourPaq ApS

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