Node.js at Roweb

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On the Romanian market, Node’s adoption is starting to take off, with the current demand exceeding the available specialists’ offer. To stay ahead of the game, we put together a team and provided them a full-time paid training in Node.js.

One of our projects, Ezebee, a self-marketing platform that combines the functionalities of a social network, e-Commerce and online portal, was originally built in PHP. Because its growth exceeded our client’s expectations, we started investigating options that would provide more scalability support and eventually opted to use Node.js.

The decision to transition this project to Node was prompted by Node’s great functionality for single page apps like Ezebee, that’s built on a REST API architecture.

We’re using the Sails.js framework, which is the most popular MVC framework for Node.js. It enables us to rebuild the app rapidly, as it auto-generates REST APIs, and it works really well for data-driven web apps with a scalable, service-oriented architecture.

For the graph database, we opted for OrientDB, which comes with a set of important features that are crucial for Big Data demands – multi-master replication, sharding and more flexibility for modern complex use cases. Another notable advantage is its speed: even on unimpressive hardware, it can store 220,000 records per second.  Additionally, thanks to its multi-master and sharded architecture, it ensures horizontal scalability and reliability. This is crucial for an app like Ezebee, which already needs to support high numbers of concurrent users and continues its fast growth.

Samples of our work

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Web API Architecture, OrientDB, Web Sockets, Braintree API, PayPal API, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, jQuery, CSS3...

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