Open Houses Management Platform a Social Media Network developed by Roweb

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Open House management platform is one of the latest Roweb project, a loT iBbeacon location based Social Media Network startup. Developed for Open House organizers and attendees this platform is location proximity aware, mobile device driven and cloud computing based.

Thanks to you can easily target searches for Academic open houses such as: college, university, fraternity, sorority or Real Estate open house listings, new store openings, businesses, Museums, Government & Politics, Recruiting Centers just by entering any location.

People are enabled to search for Open Houses in an whole U.S. State or Canadian Province like in the example provided below.


Probably the main reason for building the Open House Management Platform is because there is a clear need for spreading the word on what is happening and where, by having a social media network of Open House administrators and attendees this can be accomplished easily.

Facebook Open House

The Open House organizer and attendees do not have to remember a new combination of username and password, just log in via all major Social Media platforms and all is taken care off. An important note worth being mentioned is that Open House Management Platform website is built on a responsive web design. To get the sense of it try it on your mobile device, laptop or desktop and obtain the same consistent look and feel of your web experience.

As I have mentioned before it integrates and leverages all Social Media platforms allowing simple Open House event listing or attendees follow up :

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Google+

OpenHouse login

The platform has been developed to allow 3rd party developers integration via Web APIs besides offering #openhouse Hashtag, iBeacon Location aware, attendance tracking, Check-in etc

A short overview on how the system works

Open House Manager / Administrator: Event Planning (free)

  • Registration made via all major Social Media platforms. Add a professional credential
  • Create your Open House Event
  • Market your event straight from application to the contacts via e-mail containing Open house brochures
  • Event created on Facebook and Google+ calendar
  • Spread your event on Twitter, pin it on Pinterest or post it on Instagram
  • Make your Social Network Open House E-Brochure

Open House Attendee: Search & Attendance Confirmation

  • Search for events in your area

  • Confirm your attendance to the event via Social Networks

  • Download event to calendar within application

Open House Event

  • Manager: Event details, video, pictures are shown in a professional way
  • Attendee: Checks in, Contact information are shared with the Open house Manager or Administrator, Collage, Presentation, Summary can be downloaded to mobile device
  • Manager and Attendee can use #openhouse hash tag and make use of Twitter, Facebook, Google Pinterestm Instragram for different social actions

Post Open House Event: Follow-up

  • Manager can view the follow – list of attendees is available within the application with their contact information. Open House events can be marketed straight to these contacts and statistics concerning social media
  • The attendee can rate the event and provide either a public or private feedback and can receive similar event invites from that manager.

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