#NewsAboutRoweb | We are expanding the headquarters in Pitesti to create an even more generous and relaxing work environment

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Since our strategy is oriented towards growth, we are pleased to announce another important step to ensure all the prerequisites: expanding the headquarters in Pitesti with two new floors is one of our top priorities.


Over 200 square meters for work, recreation, and “fun time together”…

Thus, another 200 square meters will be added to the current office space, reaching a total of 1200 square meters. However, the area is built with three goals in mind: a better working, recreation, and socializing environment.

Our decision is not by chance. Due to the relaxation of safety measures against the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more employees are choosing to return to the office or to work hybrid. 

More precisely, based on Roweb employees intentions, we estimate that 75% of our team members will opt for these two types of organization (the other 25% being represented by those who live in cities where Roweb does not have offices).

Also, the decision was taken because the Roweb team increased with juniors on internships. They come to the office from Monday to Friday to work with mentors and coordinators who guide them in solving tasks.

“In the context of the end of the pandemic, a lot of people started coming to the office by rotation, several days a week. From 2023 we estimate that at least 75% of employees will opt for the hybrid system. 

In order to ensure modern and motivating conditions for those who return to the office, but also to accommodate the ongoing increases from year to year – we hired 10 students after the internship and we are in a continuous recruitment process – we decided to make new investments in office and social spaces.”

Roweb headquarters expansion

Mirel Ionescu
Senior Partner & Business Developer

The current construction will be made 100% from own funds.


Sneak Peek: how will the HQ look after the expansion?

The new area is a mix between open space and delimited surfaces. It will include a more extensive work zone for a larger team of software developers, a terrace for recreation, a meeting room, a kitchen, and a socializing area.

The construction is added to the current headquarters, which currently has 75 office spaces divided into meeting rooms, recreational areas, and a data center. The headquarters consists of two adjacent buildings which, together with the two floors that will be built soon, will form a unitary and modern monobloc.

From the design point of view, both the current space and the new building will be decorated in a modern, minimalist, and ergonomic style. In addition, emphasis will be placed on practical elements.

Renderings of the following two floors to be added to the current building


The journey that led to the construction of the current headquarters in Pitesti

Roweb did not have its headquarters from the beginning on Frații Golesti street, no. 132. In the first years, Roweb’s activity was carried out in a house with historical architecture near Trivale forest.

Roweb headquarters expansion
Roweb’s headquarters in Trivale 


The building in Trivale represented the foundations of many projects, collaborations, and friendships – essential elements of the foundation of the current brand. It was an old house that received renovations and improvements without affecting its exterior design.

Both employees and visiting customers were pleasantly impressed by the view of nature. In fact, the forest itself was the favorite place to relax during the lunch break.

However, the growth of specialist teams and the company’s development strategy determined the lease of a new office building on Strada Teilor. Thus, part of the Roweb team remained in Trivale, while the other part continued the activity at the modern headquarters in the Teilor area.

And this was only the beginning of a beautiful journey. With the growth of the international client portfolio, there was a need to hire new specialists. And the management of Roweb decided to build its own space: the one in Fratii Golești.

Roweb headquarters expansion
The first Roweb headquarters built on Fratii Golesti street


Thus, at that time, the company operated with three headquarters in parallel: Trivale, Teilor, and Fratii Golesti.

The happy coincidence meant that the land next to the new Roweb headquarters was for sale, and the company decided to make this purchase and start work on a second office building in Fratii Golesti that would allow all the teams to be brought together.

For the project to materialize, the company applied for a project with European funding, with a due date of 37 months. It represented approximately 60% of the total investment amount, while the remaining 40% represented an investment made from Roweb’s funds.

The second Roweb building was built during the peak times of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the context where the project with European funds required the continuation of the works in order to meet the legal deadlines. And although there were many challenges, the result proved to be a success.

Roweb headquarters expansion
The current Roweb headquarters (before the construction of the two floors that will be ready next year)


The company was founded on the initiative of a former teacher who taught Informatics in high school and who was joined, as partners, by three former students passionate about programming. Although the field of activity was one with growth potential, at the beginning, no one knew where things were going.

From the first years, the activity was shaped around international projects, a fact that helped the company to have an accelerated ascent.

The headquarters in Pitesti is not the only one owned by our company. At the moment, we have two more offices in Bucharest and Craiova, both located in central areas and whose modernization we are considering in the next period.


The three Roweb offices – part of our company’s expansion strategy

All three spaces owned by Roweb are set up to welcome employees who prefer to return to work and those who want to join our team. Also, recently, we resumed the business visits of our partners and clients.

A representative of an important Belgian client and a representative of an important UK client have already visited Pitesti and Craiova to reconnect with the software developers and discuss the development of new functionalities.

Thus, we can say that the premises we provide are spaces that encourage interaction and cooperation between employees, clients, and partners.

Regarding the expansion of the teams, colleagues from HR continue the recruitment processes, looking for specialists to complete the PHP (Full stack Senior), .NET (Full Stack and Backend), e-commerce (Full stack Magento Developer) and Sales (Sales Business) departments Development Specialist – IT Services).

Moreover, Roweb’s plans target an increase of approx. 40-50% of the turnover compared to the previous year. This will lead to a doubling of the company in the next three years.

But, the best is yet to come! So, stay tuned to find out what comes next – we’ll be back with more info about this expansion strategy and the new building in future materials on the blog and on our Social Media profiles. 

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Roweb headquarters expansion

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