Roweb Team Building 2017

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This year we decided to switch it up from our “traditional” (for the past years) seaside team building and opted for a weekend in the mountains!

With the rapid growth of our team and having opened offices in two new cities, it was more important than ever for us to get a chance to know our new colleagues better and get to hang out with old friends now working in a different city.

The team building kicked off with a short presentation from our CEO, Viorel Costea, to introduce our new colleagues to our background, their peers and each of their roles in the projects that they’re working on.

We followed that with a day full of adventures, including paintball, zip-lines and tracks in the resort’s adventure park, where working as a team really paid off and made it all fun! Then we played tennis, badminton and football and we finished off the day with a huge campfire and a traditional feast and music. Some of our colleagues who were still not exhausted enough, played pool and board games ‘till the crack of dawn.

The next day we got to choose between hiking and bike trips in the first half of the day, and even found some delicious wild strawberries along the way! Then it started raining and we all came back to the hotel and enjoyed the rest of the day at the pool, relaxing with the help of sauna and spa hydromassage 🙂

After dinner we had another party at the resort’s club. We danced, played pool and unleashed our inner rock stars at karaoke! The DJ even surprised us with a bit of salsa and bachata, to the delight of our colleagues that go to latin dance classes!

Our team buildings seem to be getting better year after year and we’re happy we can still have the same fun and chill vibe event after reaching 75 employees. Everyone gets involved and has the chance to do something they enjoy or to try something new, while getting to learn more about their colleagues’ personalities and tastes. We believe this is what fuels us and that it truly makes us better at our day-to-day work.

We’d like to thank all of the colleagues that joined us on this wonderful trip and we’re already looking forward to next year’s team building! 😀

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