Summer internship 2017 in Craiova

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First summer internship in Craiova

This year was the first when we organized an internship programme for computer science students in Craiova. The opportunity was met with a lot of excitement and we had 90 applicants, therefore we had to use a series of tests to assess their level of knowledge in frontend programming (HTML, CSS and .JS) and backend programming (either PHP or .NET, according to the option they had selected when they applied). 

Based on the tests’ results, we were able to select the 25 most skilled students, that made up three groups, 2 groups of 8 for the PHP internship and 9 participants for the .NET programme. 

Knowledge sharing

To make sure that they benefited as much as possible from the classroom sessions, we helped them build an even more solid knowledge base before the first classes started, by emailing them the course support and video tutorials in advance. 

We structured the sessions into 6 two-hour-long classes for each PHP group and into 4 days with 4 hours’ classes for the .NET group.

The classes included video presentations, whiteboard presentations and helping them build an end-to-end application in PHP or .NET. 

Our senior developers explained and helped them write the code during the classes, but also assigned them homework. 

The PHP internship programme had 2 classes a week. The first class focused on HTML & CSS, the second on JS (jQuery), and three other classes on MVC, PHP and MySQL.  The .NET programme also included an introductory class on HTML & CSS, while the other classes focused on HTTP, REST, ASP.NET Web API and EntityFramework, learning to build a REST API and a user interface.

Future opportunities for the best students 

Roweb has a long-standing tradition of hiring the most talented students that complete our summer internship, after going through an extended, more in-depth internship programme. In Craiova as well our senior developers selected the best 4 students for each technology and they’ll be joining us for a one-month training in PHP or .NET, after which they might join our team as full-time employees. 

We were very happy to work with all of the 25 students that took part in the summer internship and their enthusiasm convinced us that the programme will have the same long-term success as the one in Pitesti!

Samples of our work

Ezebee V2

Web API Architecture, OrientDB, Web Sockets, Braintree API, PayPal API, Amazon Web Services, MySQL, jQuery, CSS3...

Love Parks

ASP.NET, SQL Server, Entity Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, WebAPI, SignalR, jQuery