Would it be best to switch from In-house to Offshore PHP Development?

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Offshore PHP Development

PHP is among the most popular web programming languages that can empower almost any business. PHP Development has an excellent reputation in the web development area.

Today, the best popular social platforms and services, like Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and Digg, are built on PHP web development. Also, many web applications, B2C, B2B, and e-commerce apps, are based on PHP.

Why should you choose PHP?

  • Open Source – PHP is available for free and is distributed under General Public License. Due to its open-source nature and the vast developers’ community, the PHP ecosystem is constantly increasing, making it the technology of choice for many enterprise applications.
  • Scalable – PHP apps are well supported by the most used cloud environments, enabling horizontal scaling (running on multiple nodes sharing the same data). Building your application with scalability in mind means using a decoupled / microservices-based architecture, ensuring user session and file consistency, and making use of load balancing solutions.
  • OS Compatibility – Developing PHP applications is not tight to an Operating System. The code is compatible with all major platforms. There are many tools helping development and deployment on each OS, available for Linux, macOS, and Windows users.
  • Flexible & Dynamic – Applications developed in PHP offer excellent flexibility compared to any other programming language, as they can integrate with more than 20 databases, they can be deployed on a large variety of platforms. Businesses can use their existing infrastructure with minimal expenses to successfully integrate enterprise PHP apps.
  • Frameworks – Many PHP frameworks (MVC frameworks like Laravel and Symfony and micro-frameworks like Lumen and Slim) have increased functionality and offer fast and secure development of enterprise-grade applications. Using a trending framework ensures modularity, code maintainability (standardized coding), efficient deployment, and making use of community-developed open-source code.
  • Community – The PHP ecosystem has the most significant international community of developers, contributing with open-source frameworks, libraries, and resources.
  • Excellent Capability for Hosting – PHP is supported by most of the web servers (like Apache, IIS, NGINX) and cloud platforms (for example, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Digital Ocean).

Why should you outsource your PHP projects?

Here are the simplest and the best reasons to consider staff augmentation services for your PHP project.

  • Relevant Cost Reduction

Firstly, when considering an offshore PHP development company, you eliminate the costs associated with the rent, the utilities, the expensive equipment. Secondly, the cost associated with hiring an internal team of developers is also extremely high; you should invest not only in hiring developers but also in their development.

On the other hand, when you hire an external PHP development team, you can be sure that all these costs are covered.

  • Increased ROI

If you aim for outstanding results that would also impact the ROI, then you must rely on an offshore team. You need experienced PHP specialists that apply the best practices to deliver customized solutions.

When analyzing your project, a skilled team of developers will consider the particular requirements of your project and business. And that is essential for the success of any project; Increased performance equals increased ROI.

  • Flexibility

You can rapidly grow or reduce the IT capacity, depending on your needs.

Finding the right PHP development partner for your project is really a challenge. Here are a few essential things to consider when you evaluate a potential partner for your PHP needs:

  • Check the portfolio of the company and talk with them about the kind of work they have done.

Talk about the challenges they have faced, their solutions, and check their past projects’ reviews. In this way, you’ll make sure that you are not paying for a project which will not be delivered 100% or at all. Basically, any question you have in mind, ask it, clear the air and build the project you have planned.

  • Evaluate the company’s force base.

If you have a big idea, be it a Corporate Website, an Enterprise App, a Portal Solution, a CRM, then you should make sure the offshore company has enough resources to develop the project you want. Managers and developers have to be on the same page. A dedicated team can be the best option to cut costs through a team that becomes an extension of yours. You can have a complete team of experienced developers or a dedicated pool of developers with the appropriate technical capabilities for your particular needs.

PHP Projects developed with offshore teams

Roweb developed Pearn Kandola Digital – a ‘Software as a Service (SaaS) application that empowers PK consultants and clients to access its entire suite of digital tools within one place. The delivered platform’s proven efficiency made room for new business development directions: designing and implementing brand new apps that can respond to PK’s clients’ needs at a higher level.


One of our clients, Warbble, needed a dedicated development team able to understand their needs and expectations so that we would expand and grow their social media management platform. The technologies we used were PHP, Codeigniter, Angular, Redis, Ajax, and Sockets.


Roweb PHP Development Team

With more than 17 years of experience in PHP web development, our team specializes in providing efficient, fast, and cost-effective development services.

After an extensive assessment of your needs and expectations, we set up the ideal combination of PHP tools and features; We combine our Open Source Expertise with in-depth knowledge through our experienced, skilled, certified developers, project managers, business analysts, scrum masters, UX specialists designers and QA specialists.

We offer robust solutions for projects of all sizes, relying on the best open-source technologies. Over 500 successful PHP projects stand as proof of our expertise. From consultancy and analysis to development and quality assurance, we got you all covered up.

Is Roweb the software company that you need for your project?

16+Years longest ongoing relationship with a client

130+Senior developers ready to work in dedicated teams

6Offices in 4 cities

17+Years of experience in the software development industry



  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Waterfall


  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • developers
  • Q&A specialists
  • Scrum masters
  • UX Designers

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