Dedicated Team Model: What It Is and How It Works?

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Dedicated team is a framework model chosen more often by IT and non-IT companies for developing software projects that require extended resources (e.g., specialists for specific technologies and/or processes, certain team and management roles, etc.).

If you haven’t experienced (yet) working with a dedicated development team, you have, for sure, several questions on this topic:

What is a Dedicated Team Model?

To start working with a dedicated development team, a company that is interested in developing a new software project/ extending or optimizing an existing one must sign an IT services contract with a provider with proven experience in developing similar projects.

The dedicated team specialists are selected based on a criteria list sent by the client-company to the provider-company. The criteria usually describe the expected technical knowledge and experience levels.

The client decides if it is interested or not to also externalize the management roles, The project is underway at providers’ offices, and the dedicated team members are using the provider’s equipment and technologies. Meetings and travels to the client-company’s headquarter are sometimes needed – so, the provider and the client settle together their frequency.

For What Types of Companies is the Dedicated Team Model Suitable for?

From startups to large companies, several types of companies can rely on the dedicated team model for developing their software projects. However, the approach will be different – according to each company’s specific objective.

Some examples:

  • the company need to hire and guarantee gainful IT teams for the project;
  • the company is interested in developing new products without using internal resources;
  • the company has dynamic objectives – so, long-term internal hirings are not profitable choices;
  • the company is a startup that needs to extend its developing teams to achieve the company’s goal.

What Projects Benefit from a Dedicated Team of Developers?

Wherever you need to optimize an existing project or to develop a new one from scratch, you need a dedicated development team to generate valuable digital apps for mobile and desktop

Check out some interesting projects from our portfolio to see what does it mean to develop software with a dedicated team.

Keep your project at high standards and synchronize your company’s goals to the market trends by developing smart and dynamic software solutions.

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What Type of Roles Can be Covered by a Dedicated Team?

  • developers;
  • project managers;
  • business analysts;
  • scrum masters;
  • UX designers;
  • QA specialists.

What Services Does a Dedicated Team Usually Offer?

  • business management;
  • project management;
  • task management;
  • activities and processes supervising;
  • project stages development and processes analysis;
  • consultancy;
  • team architecture;
  • end-to-end software solution development;
  • recruitment/selection/specialists onboarding.

So, it’s recommended to use the services provided by a dedicated team when:

  • your company doesn’t have the (technological and human( resources for developing a new product/ a new solution;
  • it’s overwhelming and time-consuming for your team and for your company to develop new features and functionalities;
  • you don’t have the needed time to sustain a recruiting process for hiring specific specialists;
  • you have to develop as soon as possible an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a Demo;
  • the expertise needed by the project expanded unexpectedly;
  • you intend to extend your business to a new niche, reach new market segments.

What are the Advantages of Working with a Dedicated Development Team? (compared with hiring in-house new specialists)

  • predictable and well-defined budget – monthly payments, the same approach as you are doing with salaries;
  • flexible working system – ready to instantly adapt to your dynamic objectives;
  • dedicated teams have experience in similar projects, so it’s easier for them to easily understand the project’s objectives and take over the development process;
  • permanent communication between the provider and the client through dynamic digital channels and tools (Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall);
  • stable team, exclusively involved in your project, and with a great focus on your company’s objectives.

What Costs Should You Take into Account for Working with a Dedicated Development Team?

Comparative Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
In-house Staff Outsourcing a dev. team
Monthly salary
“Out of office” costs
Staff replacement
Hourly rate for project

How to select the right company that provides dedicated teams? (criteria checklist)

  • 10+ y of experience on the IT market – a guarantee that your project will be taken over by experienced teams;
  • various projects in the company’s portfolio – illustrative both for dedicated teams and for your industry;
  • large and stable number of employees – the more employees a company has, the easier will be for it to provide you the team you need;
  • team roles provided by the company – an extra-guarantee that you can count on a complete team for developing your project;
  • disruption-free recruitment projects – recruitments processes based on modern and efficient technologies.

Project example developed with dedicated teams

(See case study)

Client: Tourpaq ApS

Technologies: ASP.NET / MS SQL Server / ASP.NET AJAX / WCF

Category: Aplicatii business / Dotnet items / Turism industria ospitalitatii

Client’s need: Tourpaq needed an up-to-date Tour Operator Management System that would enable the users to manage everything that has to do with their activity, from a single dashboard. We implemented the following features: pricing, offers, availability, online sales, invoicing, due payments, real-time reports, data visualizations, price control automation, marketing, and integration with multiple third-party systems, such as GDS systems, insurance companies or SMS and email systems. The client also requested us to build for him Tourpaq Destination App (a modern solution for guides and tourists) and Tourpaq Guest App (an app that enables end-users to enjoy their holiday).

Team architecture: a Software Architect + a Project Manager + a Database Specialist + a UX Designer + 2 UI / Web Developers + 6 .NET Developers

Business app developed with dedicated team outsourcing

Client’s benefits:

  • High quality and fast development;
  • Quick responses to support requests or new requirements;
  • Flexibility in planning.

“Together with Roweb we’ve built TourPaq up, from a booking system for small tour operators, into one of the leading solutions on the market, addressing the needs of large tourism businesses. We were impressed by the level of professionalism that Roweb showed throughout our collaboration. They have always managed to understand our needs and wishes and help us turn our ideas into reality. Read more

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