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On July 28, Roweb was the partner (sponsor) of the online event “Digitalization of Romania” (event in its 3rd edition). 

The purpose of the event was to discuss current topics with an impact on both the public and the private environment, the audience targeted by this videoconference being the decision-makers from institutions and businesses in Romania undergoing digital transformation.

The topics discussed in this edition were:

  • IT&C field – evolution and perspectives;
  • The investments of ITC companies after two years of the pandemic;
  • Romania’s economy – from forced digitization to the cyber challenges of war;
  • Cyber security in the geo-political context;
  • The needs and solutions of the business environment for defense against cyber attacks;
  • The stage of preparation of the IT&C sector for cyber risks;
  • IT&C industry solutions to the problems raised by forced digitization;
  • The way of implementation and the implications of the application of the 5G Law;
  • Romania’s place on the digital map of Europe;
  • PNRR’s contribution to the development of the IT&C sector and the expected projects;
  • Digitization in key areas: the digitization of healthcare, a necessity accelerated by the pandemic.

The video conference was broadcast live on the website www.bursa.ro, on the Facebook account of the BURSA newspaper, on the BURSA YouTube channel, as well as on the Facebook accounts of the media partners.


Partner (sponsor) of “Digitalization of Romania” 

With over 18 years of experience in the software development market, our company offered support for this event from the position of business partner (sponsor), considering such debates essential for identifying the best solutions for accelerating the digital transformation of businesses and institutions from Romania. 

In an interview given to the publication Bursa.ro a few months ago, the CEO of Roweb, Viorel Costea, offered an analysis of how digitization is done in Romania in relation to other countries. Below is a part of this interview:

“In the past 5 years, interest in digitization has grown significantly in Romania, which is why we started to be interested in attracting customers from the national market as well. But the gaps continue to exist because things started happening much later in our country compared to other countries (Germany, Switzerland, England, etc.).

I believe that this gap could be bridged by investing in complex digital solutions that cover end-to-end the needs of users and companies alike. There is a tendency to invest in small and disparate applications that separately address specific or even contextual requirements (mobile applications, portals, platforms, etc.) It is only a matter of time until companies that choose to invest in digitization like this find themselves facing bottlenecks, as using multiple solutions that are not necessarily compatible or interconnected become overwhelming and confusing for users.

Of course, it is not easy to think of a solution of great complexity that covers diverse needs of different types of users and that is also adaptable in the near or distant future, but this is where the technical consulting part comes into play. This is a service that we constantly offer to our clients precisely because we already have extensive experience in the area of complex solutions and can come up with a scalable software architecture that is properly adapted to the specifics of the client and the industry.” Viorel Costea, CEO and co-founder Roweb.


Roweb’s involvement in accelerating the digital transformation in the public environment

The trend of adopting smart technologies and solutions has accelerated, especially in recent years, as a result of the pandemic context. To meet this need, Roweb developed SmartCity, a complete digital solution, addressed to organizations, institutions and companies, built from the start as a flexible prototype, capable of scaling and adapting to a variety of types of communities.

Currently, the SmartCity solution is used by the City Hall of the Pitesti Municipality, especially for solving complaints from citizens. Implemented approximately one year ago, the application has over 1000 downloads, registered 1170 notifications, more than half of which have already been resolved.

“With the dedicated mobile application, the citizens of Pitesti can instantly access useful information and make complaints/reports directly from their mobile phone. Also, we now have a more friendly interface on our website – designed by taking into account the needs of citizens – and an intuitive web backoffice for the municipal staff”, said Cristian Gentea, Mayor of Pitesti Municipality.

The application can be used by both Android and iOS smartphone users.

“SmartCity has added value for the City Hall of Pitesti by the fact that it represents a bridge between citizens and the institution. The application allows a better organization of the town hall’s activity, reducing, at the same time, the bureaucracy. For example, citizens can report what is happening in their community directly from the application. On the other hand, town halls can send information such as warnings or events to citizens. And all based on an instant notification system”, said Malina Mircu, Mobile Roweb team manager.


Roweb’s involvement in accelerating the digital transformation in the private sector

During the pandemic period, Roweb registered an increase in new projects developed for the private sector), in various industries. At the same time, a large increase in existing projects was also observed, where clients requested new functionalities or the parallel development of new solutions. Most new requests come from industries such as logistics, real estate, recruitment & HR, finance and insurance, real estate, tourism & hospitality.

“One of the reasons why we chose to work, mostly for the international market (90% of our clients are from the international environment) is that there we identified a high interest in digitalization, respectively a maturity from the perspective of digitalization (in the market of IT) and a growing availability to accelerate digital transformation processes in all industries (from real estate and HR, to businesses in the financial, educational, entertainment area, etc.).”


Promotion as a partner in digital transformation at international tech and business events

Especially from the position of ATIC and ARIES member, Roweb started participating in business and tech events since 2014, at some of them having a constant presence – GITEX Technology Week from Dubai, MWC Barcelona, MWC Las Vegas, LEC Geneva, Swiss IT Forums Geneva, GPeC Romania. As part of the external ones, the company participates with an exhibition stand, as part of the official delegation of Romania.

“Since such a large percentage of Roweb’s business comes from international markets, an important step in the strategy of increasing visibility in the targeted countries is represented by physical participation in tech events. Since our business model involves a complex process, being large, long-term projects, these participations are translated into opportunities to get to know each other and socialize, which open the way to a relationship of trust”, said Viorel Costea, CEO and co-founder Roweb.


About Roweb

Roweb is a software services company with a solid background in implementing complex business applications since 2004.

Our teams of experts can create elaborate, intuitive, and scalable business apps from the bottom-up, or they can upgrade your current applications to meet your new expectations and requirements.

We have a dedicated development team for each project to guarantee that each business app receives the optimal skill set and attention.

Our experts not only deal with the development of the application but also with its testing and maintenance, depending on the requirements discussed with the client.

We always treat our customers as business partners, and our approach always includes analyzing the client’s needs for identifying the best technical solutions.

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