Programming Day for High School and Web Applications Contest and Workshop – 2018 Edition

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We’re proud to support two events in partnership with the University of Pitesti: Programming Day for High School (PDHS 2018) on Saturday (May 12th), and a Web Applications Contest and Workshop for Students (WAC&WS 2018), on Friday and Saturday (May 11th & 12th). The events are meant to engage talented youth in the local community and reward their skills and passion for programming.

Programming Day for High School

This contest is meant to encourage high school students to show off their C, C++, Pascal and Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots programming skills and decide if they would want to enroll in one of the Computer Science study programs at UPIT, after graduating high school. It will include 3 programming contest sections – a section for school year 9, one for school year 10, a third one for years 11 and 12 combined –  and a forth contest section dedicated to robotics.

Web Applications Contest and Workshop for Students

The web development contest & workshop are addressed to undergraduate and MA students. The contest participants will be given a set of specifications for which they’ll have to build a web application using EasyPHP.

The workshop will include a web application presentation and discussions about education and new technologies.

Roweb had the pleasure to sponsor and help jury these events last year and we’re happy to continue the tradition!


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