Searchency – increases by 43% the conversion rate from searches in your e-Commerce platform | Intelligent search using configuration and merchandising tools

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If you are wondering what the next step after creating a modern and innovative e-Commerce platform is, we have the answer: adding new functions and specifications, which will improve the user experience in the purchasing process and help you increase their loyalty rate.

And among these features is an efficient search system, made with the help of a powerful and innovative tool such as Searchency.


What is Searchency, and how exactly can it help you?

We created a tool to increase the conversion rate across platforms, improving the search experience.

Moreover, we want to create a community of users, agencies and owners of e-Commerce platforms, starting from the idea of quickly identifying the desired products in a platform and guiding us according to the principles: #SuperSearch #SmartSearch #PowerToYourSearchBar.

Searchency Top specifications:

  • Advanced search based on synonyms. Suppose you sell trolleys and suitcases. And your customers search the online store using the word “suitcase”. It can be added as a synonym in the platform, so the user can reach the desired products, even if it has not been used in the information provided.
  • Possibility to exclude words that are part of the licentious language or other irrelevant terms that are not related to your business (Stop Words).
  • Advanced search (e.g., “cheap suitcase” will turn into “suitcase with a price less than 89 lei” – displaying the results according to the lowest price set on the platform.)
  • Search terms suggestions, starting from the popular products on the platform.
  • Autocorrect for typing the wrong search terms. For example, the user wanted to write “Agatha Christie” but mistyped the author’s name “Agata Cristie”. The platform uses intelligent algorithms that realise the user’s intentions and help him reach the desired result.
  • Relevant statistics: demographics, searches with zero results, top searches etc.
  • Search by category – which allows a platform owner to create landing pages to increase sales— for example, the type of products listed on Black Friday.
Solutie e-Commerce


Ten Roweb customers requested the integration of this tool in their platform in the first week after its launch

“Starting from the market’s needs, we created an intelligent solution, explaining to our customers the importance of the data that reaches the platform and what it means to monitor the conversion process carefully: from the moment the order is placed until the customer gets the Thank You Page.

We are also in discussions with significant marketing, hosting and SEO agencies, and we want to offer them our solution and the support to use it efficiently. ”

Solutie e-Commerce

Stefan Nicolae
Head of Software Development e-Commerce


What are the specifications most appreciated by our customers so far?

Because customer feedback is essential to us, we have created a list of the most popular specifications they have already rated.

  • Search relevance – the tool is created based on user behaviour on e-Commerce platforms to meet their needs.
  • Real-time indexing of products as they are added to the e-Commerce platform.
  • An intuitive, mobile-friendly interface that allows a quick familiarisation with the specifications offered by Searchency.
  • Search speed – results are displayed quickly, keeping pace with the e-Commerce domain.


Who should use this solution?

  • E-Commerce platform owners, regardless of their specificity. All those who sell online in one form or another: recruitment agencies, real estate, tourism, automotive.
  • Holders of e-learning platforms – for those who want to offer students an easy identification of courses in text or video format.
  • Marketing agencies that offer SEO services to their clients.
  • Agencies that deal with data analysis on web platforms and applications.

Searchency is a solution developed by the Roweb team that contributes to the qualitative experience we offer to those who collaborate with us, both when it comes to developing e-Commerce platforms or improving existing ones.

So if you are among those who want to improve the search experience on the e-commerce platform, we recommend you try Searchency.

Contact us, and one of our colleagues will help you understand how our proposed solution works.

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