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smartcity smartsanitation sustainability

In recent years, Romania has seen a surge in sustainability and environmental protection measures, with the introduction of legislative initiatives like the guarantee-return system (“SGR”) on November 30, 2023. A study conducted by IRES underscores the increasing importance of sustainable behaviors among Romanians, with a staggering 98% prioritizing collection and selective recycling. Recognizing the need for efficient communication and information systems to support these initiatives, Roweb has developed two groundbreaking digital solutions: SmartCity and SmartSanitation.

Sustainable behaviors in Romania: a growing trend

According to the IRES study, sustainable behaviors are gaining traction among Romanians, with 97% choosing household appliances with low energy consumption and 96% advocating for afforestation and the prevention of deforestation. Other highlighted behaviors include the use of biodegradable bags (95%), thermal insulation of homes (95%), reducing food consumption waste (95%), and adopting LED bulbs (94%). This growing awareness necessitates a robust communication system to disseminate information and educate citizens continuously.

Roweb’s commitment to sustainability

Understanding the pivotal role of communication in fostering sustainable practices, Roweb has introduced SmartCity, a comprehensive set of applications designed to facilitate communication between communities and citizens. SmartCity encompasses a mobile app for iOS and Android, a back-office web for municipalities, and an online portal. This integrated system streamlines the reporting and resolution of incidents, promoting a paperless environment and reducing the consumption of physical resources.

Cristian Gentea, Mayor of Pitesti, attests to the success of SmartCity in their community, stating, “We now have a dedicated mobile app, and citizens from Pitesti are able to access useful information instantly and place complaints/notifications directly from their mobile phones.”

SmartCity Features: Enhancing Communication and Efficiency

The SmartCity mobile app allows citizens to access information and report incidents directly from their phones. The back-office web provides municipalities with an intuitive platform for managing citizen complaints, ensuring faster response times and improved coordination among departments. The online portal extends municipal services through a responsive website, facilitating communication, and complaint management.

With features like instant notifications, automated emails to relevant departments, and real-time complaint localization on Google Maps, SmartCity enhances efficiency and transparency, aligning seamlessly with the sustainability goals of the country.

smartcity smartsanitation sustainability

SmartSanitation: Revolutionizing Waste Management

Roweb’s commitment to sustainability extends to waste management with the introduction of SmartSanitation. This modular solution integrates a pay-as-you-throw system, mobile apps for waste collectors and clients, and a cloud-based management web app. The mobile app empowers waste collectors with real-time data, ensuring efficient collection, while the client app promotes responsible waste disposal.

The SmartSanitation solution aligns with successful waste management practices in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Japan, making it a valuable tool in Romania’s journey toward a more sustainable future.

smartcity smartsanitation sustainability

Estimated Impact: Reducing Consumption and Increasing Efficiency

Roweb estimates that the constant use of SmartCity and SmartSanitation can reduce consumable needs by up to 80%, as digital solutions streamline citizen requests and complaints. Furthermore, these solutions can enhance efficiency and response times by over 50%, contributing significantly to the effective implementation of sustainability principles.

As Romania continues to prioritize environmental protection, innovative solutions like SmartCity and SmartSanitation are poised to play a crucial role in building more sustainable communities. Roweb’s commitment to leveraging technology for a greener future sets a precedent for other regions to follow suit, ushering in an era where digital solutions and sustainability go hand in hand.

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