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digital transformation trends 2023

The digital transformation of a business is always connected with attributes and phrases such as: “speed,” “progress,” “fast development,” “resource-saving,” “adaptation to the new trends,” and “keeping up with the competition.”

Regarding the current period, more and more entrepreneurs concerned with their digital transformation say that once the decision is taken to keep up with the digital changes in the industry, their investments prove to be innovative and have a long-term impact.

In short, the future is tech, and statistics can prove it. If in 2021, 56% of companies (according to Zippia.com) choose to prioritize adaptation to digitization and investments, in 2023, a considerable increase (around 20%) in this process is expected.

Also, the best is yet to come. 

digital transformation trends 2023

However, let’s analyze the existing context of this year. Thus, we can realize that digitization is taking place in an environment marked by inflation, recession, and lack of resources – aspects generated by the political, economic, and health crises of recent years. So, in the coming months, digital transformation will play a vital role in saving and conserving resources.

As for concrete ways to do this, we’ve compiled a list of the top trends. You can find them below.


2023 – Top trends in digital transformation:

digital transformation trends 2023

All data in the cloud and… adopting the concept of everything as a service (XaaS)

Storing information in the cloud through a hub has become a core aspect of digital transformation. But, in 2023, the number of businesses adopting such data storage will increase. The trend is accentuated by employees’ preference to continue to work hybrid or remotely.

With the increase in the number of companies that prefer to have everything at hand in the cloud, the providers of such services will improve the scalability and results of the solutions offered. 

Thus, we are talking about security rules taken to a new level, easy access to data anytime, and backups that give users confidence.

As for the concept of XaaS, it relates to cloud subscriptions that will become more complex. They will include all aspects mentioned above and be available to companies and users. Hardware components such as laptops or computers will become just the data management interface, and their users are no longer concerned with local storage space.

Process automation – an increasingly popular and appreciated trend

If businesses classified as “first adapters” focus on metaverse and A.I., in 2023, most medium and small companies are still undecided about what kind of investments to make, starting from the fact that they want immediate rewards.

But process automation through various platforms or applications is a good example.

This trend is increasingly adopted within industrial, construction, or manufacturing service companies. Their purpose is to help employees improve their workplace skills, whether it is learning, operational safety, planning tasks and objectives, or managing the communication process.

More precisely, these digital products are easy to access and come to the aid of employees by taking over repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Thanks to the intuitive functionalities, they become part of the daily work routine and are easily integrated into the work schedule.

Intelligent search systems

Since users want to quickly and efficiently find the answers they need within a platform or an application, search systems must respond promptly.

Thus, we are talking about searches that display correct results when synonyms are used (for example: “suitcase” instead of “luggage”) or when a word is mistyped (“coconut caek” instead of “coconut cake”). 

Some of these intelligent search engines also include stop words functionality – meaning a list of terms can be created that do not trigger searches because they are irrelevant to the products on the platform or have vulgar connotations.

Roweb already has an advanced search solution called Searchency. This has been rolled out to portfolio clients who own e-Commerce platforms, and data has shown an increase in conversions of up to 43%. This proves that search efficiency, although a relatively simple feature, remains at the top of digital transformation preferences in 2023.

Increasing the numbers of Blockchain Technology Users

The idea of “Blockchain” is gaining ground in various industries such as healthcare, finance (especially cryptocurrencies), and supply. The goal is to change the traditional way of doing business in these sectors, enabling intelligent data storage and manipulation by creating a secure software environment.

What exactly does the concept mean? Instead of the data being grouped in a central server, it is stored in multiple locations connected to each other on a peer-to-peer basis. Blockchain also does not include a Master authority that holds a copy of the data.

Use of Customer Data Platforms

The success of the online sales process is given by data analysis. It’s not enough to run campaigns that bring leads if you don’t have excellent control over the data.

Thus, some data platforms connect different applications and generate databases that bring together valuable information about customers.

They can then be used to manage marketing campaigns, determine online trends, or build personalized experiences that enhance the shopping sessions. And the owners of various businesses are willing to invest significant resources in accessing such platforms.

Savings resources through digital processes 

On the other hand, in 2023, many international companies announced digitalization objectives allowing them to care for the environment.

Thus, many businesses prioritize solutions that bring them sustainability this year, saving resources such as electricity, water, gas, or even human resources.

For example, one trend in this direction is monitoring applications that provide factual information about resource consumption in a company and how savings could be made.


Wider-scale adoption of software solutions that can adapt to multiple business profiles.

Their main advantage is that they allow faster delivery of the software solution that users need because it is based on code written only once. More precisely, it is a predefined structure that can be customized through functionalities specific to each domain or business.

An example of such a solution is SmartCity, developed by Roweb. The application was created bearing in mind the needs of multiple users: companies, institutions, organizations & end users.

AI and Machine Learning (ML) – among the main trends in 2023 as well

AI and ML-based technologies remain a constant concern of businesses that want to keep pace with digital transformation, as they can be involved in all sectors that define their strategy: from decision-making to data analysis and brand promotion.

Moreover, the Machine Learning part relates to another trend mentioned above. Thus, ML starts processes through which the user’s behavior is tracked (complying with the GDPR rules) and helps the business owner realize what his customers are interested in. 

Diversification of development teams

In 2023, Romania will remain among the leading countries offering professional and competent human resources to support global digital transformation projects. However, the trends from 2023 show a high interest in diversifying work teams, both in our country and abroad.

So we are not only talking about software developers and QA Testing Engineers but also about the inclusion in the development team of business analysts (or other types of specialists), a.k.a, those who can come up with an overall vision of how the project can bring results at the level of the entire business.

This concept is called “Fusion Team” and is an approach preferred by many companies in the past years. But in 2023, the idea will become even more popular due to its good results and the way it homogenizes collaboration between various departments.



For digital transformation to be effective, it is essential to understand the company’s expansion needs, both from the point of view of customers and employees and resources.

Modern technologies are the engines of digital transformation. Therefore, they need a good connection of all the issues that define them: from the preparation stage and the definition of roles to implementation and establishing the necessary maintenance process.

Also, employees must be informed as early as possible about new technological adoptions to prepare for their gradual assimilation process.


Why work with Roweb to implement the aforementioned digital trends?

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