How to Keep Your Business Relevant Even in the Most Challenging Contexts

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As powerful as your business may seem, there are still lots of neuralgic threats out there that can slow your company’s profitability down or even stop its activity for a while. From cyberattacks to human errors, economic crises, or even human viruses, some unexpected risks can become your company’s reality, overnight.

Are you wondering how to expect the unexpected and keep your business relevant even in the most challenging contexts?

Take a look at the following smart solutions that can help you keep your business running, and save you from serious headaches.

How to prevent/overcome a decrease in sales revenue [stats, risks, impact, solutions]


You can see in the following chart what are the predicted leading risks for small, mid-size, and large businesses in 2020. Beyond stats results and prediction, there is an evergreen truth: only companies with strong but flexible strategies, able to adjust their goals on the go, and to adopt new approaches & new technologies, have a real chance to stay relevant on the market.


[source: “Leading risks to businesses worldwide in 2020, by company size” Statista]

In other words, whether you run an online or offline business, it is essential to smartly anticipate, manage risks, and, eventually, turn them into your company’s profitability favor.

Key-step to prevent/overcome a decrease in sales revenue for an offline business: choose a reliable provider to launch your business online and attract customers through your website and apps.

Developing an engaging website and intelligent business apps may take some time [usually months] if you want to start it off on the right foot and gain lasting credibility on the market. Accepting deceiving offers that promise you a stunning website in only a few days is even riskier and unproductive. Take time to prioritize your business needs and collaborate with a reliable provider for building an online project able to bring you more benefits than you expect.

What should you develop for your offline business:

  • smart apps for simplifying offline processes and eliminating unnecessary steps;
  • comprehensive mobile and web solutions to facilitate internal communication and improve customer relationships;
  • a flexible platform to increase efficiency, automation, and productivity for several internal activities [sales, billing, human resources, etc.];
  • a customer-centric website Whether you need a presentation website or an e-commerce one, it’s important to develop a website around your customers’ needs and expectations.

Projects that may inspire you


graphDigiConsul: An illustrative example for smart apps that can simplify your offline processes and help you eliminate unnecessary steps is represented by a project that we developed for DigiConsul. The project’s objective was to help both applicants and consulates by enabling a remote and much faster application process and making applicant engagement more secure. [read more about it from here].
graphEucom: We’ve built a flexible platform to increase efficiency, automation, and productivity for several internal activities [sales, billing, human resources, etc.] for Eucom. Through the solutions we delivered, our client was able to automate up to 75% of all the tasks that were previously performed manually and noticed a team efficiency increase of 70%. [find out more about this project from here].

Key-step to prevent/overcome a decrease in sales revenue for an online business: extend or optimize your business apps and the website to build a strong online presence for your company

There are about 24 million eCommerce websites around the world today [source: 99firms] and by 2022, global eCommerce companies’ revenue is predicted to reach more than $6 trillion [source: Statista]. The recent global events will definitely influence both the companies’ incomes and the number of eCommerce websites, accelerating the prediction accomplishment.

Being exposed to such a huge offer, online customers won’t spend more than 15 seconds on a website if the information does not meet his expectations. By matching the business’ risks with customers’ needs, and optimizing or extending your website or business apps, become a must-have to keep you relevant on the market.

What should you develop for your online business:

  • translate your website into a smart app;
  • create a portal for desktop and mobile devices;
  • generate added value through social network apps;
  • optimize your website using a fresh UX / UI approach;
  • upgrade your e-commerce website [e.g., by implementing intuitive tools and by upgrading from a limiting proprietary platform to Magento 2].

Projects that may inspire you


graphOnline portals are a great way to complete users’ mobile and desktop experience through smart features and functionalities that can deliver faster results and keep prospects closer
to relevant offers. We developed such projects for clients from several industries [real estate, charity, consultancy and engineering, environmental, etc.] that were interested in growing users engagement and delivering modern online experience. [discover our online portals projects from here].
graphUI / UX design is one of the most critical factors to successfully optimizing your eCommerce marketplace or your presentation website. Even in most challenging contexts, selling becomes easier and more efficient if you have a well-optimized website ready to place intuitive conversion tools at customers’ fingertips. Discover our UI / UX design projects to have
a closer look on how your website could be optimized.

When you are not sure what technologies to adopt for your business


Sometimes knowing your business and your industry is not enough to overcome risks and keep getting relevant incomes when times are troubled. That’s why it’s important to ask for a consultancy from an experienced software services provider.

Every project can grow from an idea to an end-to-end solution able to offer real values and give your business a healthy boost on the market. Get in touch with one of our software consultants to find out what types of solutions suit best your needs.

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