The story of a vibrating tech show: Gitex Global 2022 | Our team’s post-event impressions

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We recently returned from Gitex Global 2022 – one of the most remarkable tech events around the world, which we attended as members of the ARIES community. With a positive vibe and fresh ideas, we share details about our experience in the United Arab Emirates on our blog.
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Some insights from this year’s event 

Robots ready to carefully take orders from restaurant guests, cars with equipment and specifications emphasizing mobility and comfort, conferences about 5G & 6G – let’s jump to the conclusion: the future is tech

Digital DNA is constantly changing, which makes the work of our software development teams challenging and interesting.

Also, the attendance at the event was impressive. Over 100,000 participants came to Dubai for Gitex Global. 

Most of the projects in Roweb’s portfolio – more precisely, over 90% – were developed for companies from countries oriented towards the early adoption of digitalization (including companies from the Middle East).

“Following our meetings, I found the diversity of needs in the software development market very interesting. Each of those we talked to had very different, specific requirements. The fact that we can take over these projects at any time has shown us, once again, that we have positioned ourselves in a strong and continuously growing niche, custom developments remaining the key element in the digital transformation of the global business environment.”

Insights from Gitex Global 2022

Gabriel Rosu
Senior Partner

“Participation in Gitex is not accidental. The interaction with this event started as early as 2017. Unlike the last two years, more strongly marked by the pandemic, people chose to resume participation in the profile events, which made Gitex Global 2022 a large-scale tech show. Thus, the presence at our exhibition stand was remarkable and helped us better understand the needs and expectations of international customers.”

Insights from Gitex Global 2022

Florin Obogeanu
Business Development Manager

Besides that, we can say that the Roweb team returned home with the following:

  • more meetings in our business agenda – in the next period, we will have a follow-up session of meetings with entrepreneurs from countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, USA, Canada, and Singapore, who share the same vision with us regarding digital transformation;
  • potential partnerships from the tech industry that will help us improve our activity and services;
  • a list of the latest trends in the digital ecosystem, some of which will also be adopted by us;
  • the same impression that the Emirates leaves us whenever we visit them: the sky is the limit when it comes to technology, and Dubai is the perfect contrast between the modernity brought by technology and the traditions of a people with a vast culture.


At the same time, Gitex Global brought together in one place seven communities made up of:

  1. Global Tech Executives (people who hold positions of CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and CMOs) who come to the event to talk about their experience and present their products, applications, and projects from their portfolio;
  2. Representatives of the public sector looking for sustainable tech solutions to support the communities they represent;
  3. Software developers concerned with keeping up with the trends of the digital revolution;
  4. Startups that want to find a place in the market and make themselves noticed;
  5. Investors who want to find businesses with potential, offer them financing, and help them grow and develop;
  6. Enthusiastic young people – an age segment equivalent to the zero point in terms of absorption of technology and intelligent applications and eager, at the same time, for knowledge and development in this field;
  7. Representatives of universities, research centers, and institutions who held engaging training, demonstrations, and workshops.

And the balance looks something like this: the event in Dubai meant over 5000 exhibitors (including us), around 1000 speakers (who turned the conferences into an interactive experience), and participants from over 170 countries.


Short Recap of this fall events: 


What’s next after Gitex Global 2022?

Gitex is the last tech & business event we participated in this year. In the following period, the attention of our team will focus on the projects in the portfolio and a series of internal activities.

For example, we will organize a team building, which will allow the teams of specialists to reconnect beyond the communication platforms. We are also expanding the Pitesti headquarters with two more floors.

Regarding the profile events, the first to open the participation series in 2023 will be MWC Barcelona. 

But we will return with more details about all this on the blog and on Social Media.


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