Guide for Safely Migrate Your Restaurant Online (10 Essential Steps)

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The market’s dynamic from the past months determined business owners to take into account online migration as an urgent strategic approach.

Your business – the restaurant – is definitely part of one of the most affected industries. That’s why now you need to identify the right solution that can help your business generate profit and attract customers through online tactics.

In fact, what you’re looking for already has a name: the complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing. It is a complex but intuitive platform that integrates multiple (mobile & desktop) apps and features that are developed for restaurants, and that can be adapted to your business’ specific needs.

What does a complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing offer?

A complete solution for delivery, online sales & marketing includes an optimized website, specific apps and features, and smart integrations with third-party apps (e.g., e-payment) and offers access to:

  • an eCommerce website where you can upload an unlimited number of products, optimized for mobile devices and for search engines – SEO on-page (Meta Tags, Keywords, URLs, Title Tags, etc.) able to generate a positive impact on how your page is ranking (on Google);
  • mobile apps with real-time notifications for new orders and software system (CRM) where you can manage and access various types of information – contact data and delivery address, buying behavior, sales volume for each client, etc.;
  • automated system to receive orders from clients through the Mobile App, the email, or on the printer – sent directly to your restaurant’s kitchen. That way you can take over several orders simultaneously (while via phone you can manage only a limited number of requests);
  • install and maintain the app on an unlimited number of devices;
  • eliminate costs with third-party providers (e.g., delivery providers that use mobile apps).

Find out more about the solution’s features and functionalities and how these can concretely help your business to grow!

See The Solution

To smartly migrate your restaurant online, it’s essential to go through the following 10 steps

And you can do it on your own (but you have to set right your expectations: you may have to deal with some disruptive issues during the process), or you can work with a dedicated dev team from a company that already has experience in this kind of projects.


Sales strategy


Hosting & domain name


Technical implementations


Choosing the website type


Choosing the website’s theme


Set-up features & apps


Synchronize with external apps


Create dynamic content


Set Up a loyalty program


Promote the restaurant


Set Up a sales strategy

make a list of the products you intend to include in the menu, anticipate what types of clients would be interested in your offer, and what areas your business can cover for deliveries.

Select 3 competitors that already had migrated their business online and analyze their strategy. See what you can do differently and define your own strategy (promoting offers, creating personalized menus, communication approach, etc.).


Choose a domain name and a hosting plan

check if the restaurant’s name is available and identify a hosting provider that is able to offer you great hosting services at fair prices (usually the lowest prices are, the less quality you get, like Uptime lower than 99% – time your website is available online).

To successfully start your project, you need reliable hosting services and some extra benefits related. For instance, at Roweb, we are offering SSL certificate and free hosting for every project that needs these.


Outsource technical implementations and integrations

You need these services for developing a website and mobile apps, and for the integration with third-party platforms (e.g., eCommerce platforms that include e-payments features, CRM, etc.).

Outsource the entire project to a single IT provider. That way, you’ll be able to have better control and avoid disruptions (in communication, for developing apps or make third-party integrations), errors, possible incompatibilities between apps, and delays.


Choose the website type

you intend to create for your restaurant. What do you need? A presentation website or an eCommerce one?

If you plan to generate sales constantly through your website, you need to choose an eCommerce solution that won’t require major optimizations later.


Choose a theme

for your website that reflects best your brand values and the atmosphere your clients’ are used with.

If you decided to outsource the entire project to an IT company, themes proposals for your restaurant’s website would be part of its offer.


Set up features and apps that you need.

to sell online and build a long-term relation with your clients.

E.g., with our Mobile App based on CRM (customer database) you’ll have access to relevant info about your customers’ behavior:

  • How much do you know about your clients?
  • Do you know how much did a client spend on your restaurant until now?
  • Do you know when was his latest order and why didn’t he return to your restaurant?
  • Do you have a client segmentation system (VIP, regular, returning, new, lost opportunities)?


Decide which are the external features and apps your website needs.

To integrate CRM and epayment solutions, you need dedicated team support specialized in technical integrations and synchronizations.


Create dynamic content for your website

from personalized menus and photos from your kitchen to videos that can offer the real-feel of your restaurant’s atmosphere.

To succeed, your website should be built on two major pillars: have an outstanding graphic design, clean and responsive (UX optimizations) and respect GDPR rules.


Set up a loyalty program

based on your existing customers – those may be the first ones that are interested in ordering online from you.

By using a mobile app based on CRM, you can synchronize your restaurants activities and manage more efficient the relation with your customers.


Promote your restaurant

by using the most efficient channels.

By using the SMS marketing module, you can select clients based on specific criteria and send them coupons and discount vouchers as a part of your loyalty program.

You know that you are ready to migrate to online your restaurant when you:

  • can respond well even to high sales volume;
  • have menus that can be adapted for deliveries;
  • can offer delivery as a free service.

Are you interested in selling online to all your customers with 0% commission?

Keep your restaurant still open and profitable by implementing fast your own digital solution: delivery + online sales + marketing & CRM


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