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As part of the end-to-end software development process, the IT business analysis is essential for devising a strategy to create a customized application or platform.

Furthermore, industry experts believe that this service represents the initial stage that sets the development directions for a project, regardless of its scale.

So, if you are seeking a development team to help you transform your business idea into a customized software solution, the first step to consider is the IT business analysis.

What does business analysis entail, and what advantages can it bring you? Find out more from this blog post.


IT business analysis – our approach

Creating personalized software solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs requires a balanced approach that combines an understanding of market trends with knowledge of your company’s potential.

Our experience in IT (our company was established as a software house in 2004) has demonstrated the importance of IT business analysis in the comprehensive process of understanding the client and establishing reliable partnerships.

Specifically, it involves:

  • Clearly defining project objectives and the outcomes we aim to achieve.
  • Identifying specific needs and unique challenges your company faces.
  • Selecting optimal technologies for the given project.
  • Gathering all necessary data to outline technical specifications.
  • Translating requirements and expectations into viable technical solutions.
  • Providing the most accurate estimation of time and personnel resources.

From a technical standpoint, this means:

  • Translating technical requirements within Scrum / Agile / Waterfall methodologies.
  • Reviewing infrastructure-related aspects through a well-defined audit.
  • Examining software architecture.
  • Developing a digital strategy, which will be presented before commencing work processes.


IT business analysis


Thus, for us, the analysis and consultancy phase becomes a robust process that ensures our development projects begin on a solid foundation, supporting comprehensive and long-term growth.

What are the advantages if you choose to start with business analysis services?


What are the advantages if you choose to start with business analysis services?

And since we were talking about experience, here are a few advantages our team offers clients through business analysis and software consultancy services.

  • Deeper understanding of needs: Through business analysis, specialists can accurately identify your business’s specific needs and requirements. And even though many companies might seem similar, development processes can differ significantly due to each business’s unique needs or entrepreneurial vision.
  • Customized solutions: Business analysis identifies the technical features that will help you differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Clear objectives: Business analysis helps define project objectives clearly. This is crucial for maintaining direction and evaluating project success in measurable terms.
  • Avoiding resource waste: Understanding needs and requirements before actual development minimizes the risk of spending time and resources on functionalities that could later prove unnecessary or unsuitable.
  • Choosing the right technologies: Careful analysis helps select appropriate technologies for the project. This ensures that the solution will be developed using durable and scalable technologies.
  • Risk minimization: With a deeper understanding of requirements and your business context, business analysis reduces the risk of developing a solution that doesn’t meet expectations or isn’t suitable for real needs.
  • Improved communication: Business analysis encourages clear and open communication between the development team and clients. This leads to better alignment between expectations and what can be delivered.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness: Detailed business analysis contributes to creating a more efficient software solution to achieve established objectives. This can lead to process improvement and workflow enhancement within your business.


Examples of custom solutions where IT business analysis has had a significant impact on development strategy

We have been collaborating with Whise, Tourpaq, and nGAGE for over 10 years (in fact, Whise represents our most extended ongoing partnership, started in 2006).

As mentioned earlier, the IT business analysis phase considerably impacts the development strategy of client projects.

Below are some details.

Whise CRM

IT business analysis


When we were contacted by Whise (a Belgian company operating in the real estate industry), the client needed a customized solution to help manage internal and external workflows efficiently within their industry.

Considering the need for expansion and Whise’s team’s desire to extend their business beyond their country’s borders, we developed a CRM that handles all activities. This CRM is directly connected to their web platform and mobile applications, enabling easy access even in the field.


IT business analysis


Tourpaq is a Danish client who chose to collaborate with Roweb due to our team’s immediate understanding of their need for an intelligently manageable tour operator management system.

More specifically, following the business analysis, Roweb’s team proposed functionalities that allow users to manage their entire operations from a single dashboard. Currently, the solution serves millions of tour operators, agencies, and agents.

The evolution of the partnership with Tourpaq also led to the creation of two other distinct mobile applications, one for tourists and the other for travel agencies, both focused on vacation and travel management.


IT business analysis


After analyzing the human resources company nGAGE, we realized that they require a comprehensive solution to manage all activities related to their field. This includes recruitment processes and periodic tests that candidates or employers must undergo.

And since client needs are a priority for us, we recently extended the nGAGE project by migrating to a mobile-first solution, enabling the client to rapidly access services through smartphones.

You can also benefit from a solution similar to the ones developed for Whise, Tourpaq, or nGAGE.

Thus, if you are unsure about the necessary features for your project and the effects they may have on your business, please feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

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