Working as a .Net developer | In what direction does the labor market point to expand your technical skills?

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Are you looking for a .Net developer job? Or are you thinking of making some technical skills updates, but you have some dilemmas about your future? Well, this blog post is about you. However, this article wants to highlight some aspects to help you make up your mind more easily. 

Here are some aspects that every .Net developer should consider. 


To remain or not a .Net developer? Learning other technologies (besides the .Net framework ) a must or a plus? 

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.Net is a technology appreciated by developers because it offers solutions for many software problems, establishing new and modern programming standards. 

Thus, IT companies prefer developing applications and web platforms with the help of this framework because it brings benefits such as increased security, the possibility of building robust applications but with an attractive and intuitive design, high performance, and the list goes on. 

All these benefits, which we have briefly listed, make the .Net framework one of the most appreciated among IT companies. Additionally, the number of jobs resulting from the volume of projects developed with .Net will also be quite large. So if you already have advanced knowledge of .Net, statistically speaking, you will be pretty busy in the next period.

But this does not mean that you have to exclude other technologies. On the contrary, to keep your mind open, you can choose to learn something different, which will transform you into an employee who brings added value to the job.

Our recommendation remains, however, to ensure you have relevant knowledge regarding the .Net framework and can face the challenges of both back and front tasks.

Always a growth-oriented software developer, willing to learn and accept new challenges is appreciated. And his efforts materialize in professional satisfaction.

Also, there are .Net software developers who believe in the great future of this technology. Here is an example from Quora. 

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What do you need for working as a full stack .Net developer? (job requirements to consider) 

As a general statement, the companies are looking for self-motivated .NET Developers who are also creative and tech enthusiasts. 

But what is behind these words? 

The employers are willing to find software developers with good knowledge in C#, ASP.NET and Web API. SQL, MSSQL and OOP patterns (and best practices) are also necessary. 

JavaScript MVVM Framework (Vue.js, Angular, Knockout or React.js) are bonus skills that can make a good impression during the technical interview. 

It goes without saying that your English (both verbal and written) will be necessary to communicate with clients from international portfolios. 

For example, the .Net framework is very popular in the UK, so there is a high probability for you to be assigned to British projects. 

Work requirements include collaborating with your colleagues to produce software architecture and design. You should be able to write clean, scalable code and revise, update or debug code when necessary. Your main goal is to fulfill the client’s request by improving the existing software product. 

Testing and deploying applications are also part of a full stack .Net developer job description. 

Are you interested in working as a full stack .Net developer? 

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When are you (usually) considered a senior .Net developer? 

When you have over 5 years of relevant experience working with the .Net framework.

But not only the number of years matters. How you use the time you spend in the company is essential. In most interviews for the position of senior .Net developer, emphasis is also placed on the soft skills part. 

So employers are interested in:

  • your internally and externally (with clients and partners)
  • communication level, 
  • your organization skills,  
  • your respect for the deadlines, 
  • your team coordination skills (even if you are not a tech lead, at some point, you may need to create tasks yourself, distribute them and help your colleagues). 

So do not neglect the professional side, but also the personal one. A balance between the two makes you a good candidate for a senior .Net developer job.

Does what we said above sound good?

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Backend .Net Developer


Working in a company with .Net dedicated departments‚Ķ 

If you like .Net technology and consider having the necessary skills to develop yourself, your place is in a company with a dedicated .Net department. 

Why? Because you have the opportunity to work with teams of professionals for clients who want their applications to be built using this framework. And the challenges feed your tech enthusiasm. 

We have adopted .Net technology since the beginning of our establishment. And three of our main projects are developed with the help of the dedicated team of .Net software developers. Check the examples below. 

Whise CRM is Roweb’s longest-running partnership (since 2006). It is a CRM developed by keeping in mind the strong desire of the client to become the market leader in the field of real estate in Belgium, something that happened. 

Currently, the .Net team working on the Whise project continues the digital development of the business, intending to conquer other real estate markets in Europe.

Main technologies: .NET 5 Web API, NancyFX, KnockoutJS, jQuery, ReactJS. 

nGage is a group of 20+ companies from the HR industry that deals with about 1 million candidates every year. Our .Net team’s primary goal is to help the client attract relevant candidates through efficient and transparent recruitment processes. 

Thus, they have developed an intuitive GDPR-complaint app that solves all the problems between candidates and employers. 

Main technologies: SQL, ASP.NET Webforms, Adestra API, Javascript MVVM through Knockout JS, Cordova. 

Tourpaq is an up-to-date tour operator system developed by our experts for a Danish company. Tourpaq includes two apps for both travel agencies and tourism, including data structure and SEO tools, finance management & payment tools, automatic price Optimization tools and CRM.

Main technologies: ASP.NET Web API, Javascript MVVM through Knockout JS, HTML5, CSS3, Cordova. 

Our .Net departments in Craiova and Pitesti include 43 software developers (the majority of them with 10+ years of experience). 

Moreover, 10% of the devs have been with us since our first years.

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From corporation to flat company…

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Working in a company like Roweb means enjoying, first of all, the benefits of a flat company. This translates into flexibility. Within our projects, we emphasize the quality of the software developers’ work and give them the freedom to organize themselves as they wish.

Moreover, right from the beginning, we removed the barriers of rigidity and opted for building a community where people support each other. That is precisely why integrating each newcomer is an essential aspect for us, even if the respective person has sufficient experience in the working industry.

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We also reward loyalty, creative ideas and involvement.

Our .Net software developers have the freedom to come up with suggestions that help us improve the project and find practical solutions for the client.


Key figures about Roweb

  • The Roweb company was founded in 2004. The initiative to create it belongs to a former high school computer science teacher who three former students joined. 
  • There are 130 professionals in the Roweb team. Of these, more than half are seniors.
  • Roweb has headquarters in three important cities in Romania: Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova and remote collaborators throughout the country. Soon, opening an office in the UK is also being considered.
  • Roweb’s portfolio includes over 1000 projects, the majority of them are international. The most extended continuous partnership with a client is 18+ years.
  • In 2008 we became Microsoft Partner. 

Does working in a team like Roweb sound great?

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