The impact of apps’ innovation: Where can technology replace humans? (and where it can’t)

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What are the first things that cross your mind when you think about apps’ innovation? Smart features and functions? IoT? Streamlined experiences? Virtual reality? High responsiveness to contextual/specific needs? Synced assets across every user?

The apps’ power becomes greater every day (that’s for sure). Creativity is unlimited (literally), while technology evolution is at high speed. Humans become less visible once the apps seem to take care of everything in their place.

These changes impact all types of industries. From entertainment to banking, human resources, construction, health, real estate, education, etc. – everything is powered by smart apps that are designed and built to do the right things, at the right place, track and interpret the valuable data only, and keep the focus on well-defined audiences.

apps innovation
Are humans becoming irrelevant in providing services and developing products? Are apps so powerful to replace employees by doing all the work in their place?

Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening now on the market + what trends are announced for coming years.


Industries where apps seem to replace humans

Banking sector is probably one of the most affected by the digital transformation disruptions. Moving from traditional banking to digital services impacted the industries, especially from the workforce needs perspective.

One by one, banking agencies were replaced by web and mobile apps that are able to offer the same services in less time and remotely.

Moreover, smart apps can extract and interpret customers’ behavior and understand their expectations based on existing data.

These changes started long before the pandemic year 2020. And during the pandemic, digital transformation was accelerated.

apps innovation

So, getting back to our question (speaking of banking or other industries where digital disruption is an ongoing reality): Where can technology replace humans? (and where it can’t)

apps innovation
15.7% of businesses say technology disruption has been a “job killer.”

(source: report Futurum)

From smart mobile apps to web apps, portals, platforms, and SaaS – apps innovation will keep growing.

For some services – like obtaining a loan, a guarantee fund, transactions, etc. – dedicated employees are not needed anymore. Apps can do everything in their place.

Still, the human touch is a valuable asset for a financial company. And, customers are expecting to find it in specific services (getting answers/support for specific questions/situations, interacting with the humans behind a brand, etc.)

Take a look at some financial projects we developed in the past years for our clients (and check out also their case studies to see how they defined the demarcation line between the human touch and power of apps)




For what fields do apps innovation provide support?

The market landscape has dramatically changed in the past 5 years, while the pandemic context brought new digital challenges for several industries.

Workplaces, education, healthcare, real estate, human resources, and retail are just a small part of the industries that searched for digital transformation support. At the same time, companies’ owners from these industries were forced to rethink several job positions in terms of digitalization.

apps innovation
90% of jobs are seen to require digital skills in the future.

(source: European Commission, 2020)

Key digital challenges / industry

  • education: online courses – communication – examinations;
  • real estate: remote communication and trading, virtual property presentation;
  • human resources: online interviews / online data and documents transfer;
  • retail: e-commerce platforms building / online promotion;
  • healthcare: online evaluation / triage / online appointments;
  • restaurants: migrating all the activities online / training staff for online activities.

Main challenges in companies

  • employees’ lack of digital skills;
  • lack of expertise in adopting digital initiatives;
  • inflexible organizational architecture;
  • lack of experience in building a digitization strategy;
  • limited budget.

How challenges are solved by apps innovation

Need ideas for developing a custom app for your business?



What industries are looking for digital transformation

Not all industries perceive apps innovation as a threat or a challenge. In several fields, innovation is an emerging engine, a must-have that unlocks evolution and helps companies/organizations get closer to customers’ needs and expectations.

And, above all these, replacing humans with technology is more seen as an opportunity than a risk.

apps innovation
40% of executives reported that the top benefit of digital transformation was operational efficiency, while 36% said it was a faster time to market.

(source: PTC Report)

Some examples of innovative apps that simplify humans’ work and improve results quality

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  • as technology evolves, the market is forced to adapt and adopt digitalization fast;
  • while some industries are affected by the digital disruption (real estate, tourism, and hospitality, finance, etc.) – apps innovation being considered as a real “job killer” – others rely on it or even are looking for innovation to grow;
  • fast digital adoption can be done by adapting existing digital products (e.g., SmartCity, TaxiApp, the complete solution for restaurants, etc.) to companies’ needs or by developing from scratch custom apps tailored to every company’s specific needs.

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