What is GeoNames?

GeoNames is a geographical database available and accessible through different web services and is available for download as a freeware under creative commons attributions license. These days GeoNames serves up to 30 million web service request each day also the data is available free through a number of webservices and daily database export. This graphical database contains more than 10 million geographical names and has more than 8 million features in which almost 3 million populated places and over 5 and a half million alternative names.

Offers geographical data like: name of places in various languages, elevation, population integrated. The latitude and longitude are presented in World Geodetic System 1984. This system has a intuitive wiki interface allowing users to manually edit, correct and add new names.


GeoNames features for online users

  • Users can search for names with the fulltextsearch function
  • browse big mountains, large cities, or the highest mountain
  • browse names on map and reveal or hide feature classes and codes
  • bookmark maps
  • email maps
  • export names as CSV files or PNG images
  • for registered users add new names to the database
  • for registered users enables geotagging of names


GeoNames offers free support for GeoNames and is provided by the community. The GeoName team is available for commercial support and consulting


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