What is Report Sharp-Shooter?

Report Sharp-ShooterTM is designed for the .NET Framework, written in C#, and contains only 100% managed code. Report Sharp Shooter provides the ability to generate reports of any complexity from multiple data sources and export the generated reports to most formats including PDF, HTML, EMF, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, Excel, Excel (XML), CSV, TXT, and RTF. Custom export filters can also be used. Report Sharp-Shooter includes an end user designer which can be used for both report templates and rendered documents, you can also view the created reports in Windows or Web applications using the supplied viewers. Report Sharp-Shooter Windows Forms Edition is designed for Windows Forms applications. The delivery package contains the Windows Forms Viewer and an End User Designer which allows editing in both report templates and final documents.

Report Sharp-Shooter is a suite of 100% managed components allowing the creation of both bound and unbound reports, with an unlimited number of master-detail relations, groups, columns and crosses. The report generation concept is very easy and suits both advanced and novice users: to generate, a report template is created and a developer can use one of three ways to do this:

  • Design report template in the Report Designer component
  • Create it dynamically using the wizard
  • Create it dynamically in a programmatic way

General product features:

  • 100% .NET 2.0 compatible
  • Compatible with the most popular .NET IDEs: Visual Studio.NET, Borland C# Builder, Delphi.NET, Sharp Develop, etc. Moreover, it works without any IDE. The minimum requirement is that .NET Framework 2.0 is installed on the end-user's machine
  • Supports WinForms and ASP.NET WebForms
  • XML-based report file format is easy to share over the Internet
  • Scripting is supported for C# and VB.NET, as well as for any language supported by the .NET Framework. No need to learn any additional script language
  • Open plug-in architecture, which means that you can easily add your own functionality by adding your own DLL(s) as plug-in(s). For instance, you can create an export filter for your needs and use it with Report Sharp-Shooter
  • Royalty-free run-time

Work with data sources:

  • Supports all .NET data sources, including ADO.NET DataSets, DataViews, Collections, Arrays and any classes that implement IEnumerable, IList or IListSource
  • Multiple data sources can be used in a single report
  • Compatible with ADO.NET, supports hierarchical data model with relations
  • Both bound and unbound modes are supported
  • Powerful binding model allows you to bind all controls properties to data fields, systems, and local variables, as well as to custom expressions written in a current script language (C# or VB.NET)

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